Panamax Breeze ship operations in the Port of Santos are expected to be completed this weekend. The vessel brought 72,200 tons of fertilizer from Yantai Port, China, to the Santos pier. The volume transported in one trip, which took 52 days, is a record in the country. The ship arrived in Santos on the 17th. But the berth at the Guarujá Maritime Terminal (Termag), which is on the Left Bank, only occurred in the last Saturday. The filler is composed of ammonium sulfate, sold in the form of white grains and containing 20% nitrogen and 22% sulfur in the composition. It is used as a fertilizer to replenish these nutrients in the soil, thereby increasing field productivity. “The coming of this ship to Santos was only possible thanks to the public and private investments made here, in the rail network and in dredging. In addition, there is financial health and an appetite for agribusiness, ”said Ewerton John, managing director of Grupo Orion, the agency responsible for the call at Santos Port. Enabling larger ships unloading fertilizers also tends to improve freight rates and generate scale gains – as larger ships have a lower cost per tonne transported. For Indagro’s director, one of the largest fertilizer traders in the world, Danilo Carpino, the arrival of larger ships in the port of Santos is a trend. According to him, previously, these cargoes were directed to the port of Paranaguá (PR). “It was more economically viable to transport from Paraná to Mato Grosso, but with investments in railroads, the scenario has changed,” said the executive, who came to Santos to accompany the operation of Panamaz Breeze. The Port of Santos last year received 5.5 million tons of fertilizer. This year, the estimate is to unload 6.9 million tons of cargo.

Source: Portos e Navios