The planting of the 2019/20 soybean crop reached 87% of the estimated area for Brazil, according to a survey by consultancy AgRural, advancing 8 percentage points in a week. The number is still behind the 93% planted in the same period last year, but is in line with the five-year average. In Mato Grosso, the main producing state, sowing is practically closed, with only isolated areas in the eastern state to be planted, according to AgRural. “This is the only region of Mato Grosso, by the way, where a little rain is missing – but nothing that threatens the productive potential for now. In the rest of the state, soybeans are developing well and producers expect a good crop” , informs the consultancy, in a weekly newsletter. Planting is also in the final stretch in Paraná, reaching 98% of the estimated area, and in Mato Grosso do Sul, reaching 97% of the area to be sown. “Last week’s rains were sparse and accumulated irregular volumes, but they were very welcome to improve the humidity and bring relief to the crops. The rainfall, in this case a little more generous, was also very welcome in Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais. Gerais and Goiás and did not disturb the work in Rio Grande do Sul “, reports the consultancy. The highlights of the week, AgRural points out, were Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia. In Rio Grande do Sul, sowing continued at a strong pace, rising from 59% to 82% of planted area, an increase of 23 percentage points in the week. Bahia also recorded a leap in planting in the week, with more regular rainfall reaching the west of the state. “But the Bahian sowing is still late. There is also considerable delay in Piauí. Tocantins and Maranhão are also late compared to last year, but aligned to the average of five years,” says the consultancy.

Source: Revista Globo Rural