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Information about the Brazilian territory

With a territory of 8,547,403 km², BRAZIL is the fifth largest country in the world in area of discontinuous land.

The Brazilian coast is approximately 9,200 km long, including gulfs and bays, and extends from Cape Orange, located at the mouth of the Oiapoque River in Amapá to the Arroio Chui in Rio Grande do Sul.

BRAZIL shares borders with almost all of the countries in South America, except for Chile and Ecuador.

The Brazilian territory is cut by four time zones, all behind GMT.

Vaccination for yellow fever

Brazilian Health Authorities are quite strict in relation to checking the validity of yellow fever Vaccination Certificates. Some of the ports considered endemic are:

  • Matadi
  • Lome
  • Lagos
  • Others in West Africa

To avoid problems, Masters should verify the Vaccination Cards of all crewmembers on vessels heading for BRAZIL.

Useful Links

Below is a list of links we consider important to be consulted in relation to the Brazilian maritime system and those of the main government offices regulating the port sector.


Law 9.432
Deals with the regulations for transportation by inland waterways and other information.

Law 9.537
Deals with safety in transportation by inland waterways under national jurisdiction (LESTA).

Law 9.605
Deals with criminal and administrative sanctions arising from actions and activities harmful to the environment, and other information.

Law 9.611
Deals with multimodal transportation of cargoes.

Law 9.966
Deals with the prevention, control and inspection of pollution caused by spilling oil and other noxious or hazardous substances in waters under national jurisdiction and other information.

Law 10.893
Deals with the Freight Additional for Renewal of the Merchant Marine – AFRMM and the Merchant Marine Fund – FMM, and other information.