The year 2019 will be marked in the history of Imbituba Port as the best operating year in its history. In November this year, the southern port of Santa Catarina exceeded 5.2 million tons handled in 2018, previous annual record. The increase in grain handling, the attractiveness of new cargo and the good performance of container cabotage are some of the factors that contributed to this result. The expectation of SCPar Port of Imbituba, port authority, is that the port closes December with about 5.7 million tons in the year, registering a growth of approximately 9% compared to 2018. Imports led the movement at the port, with 47.4% of the total. Exports accounted for 37.8% and cabotage 14.8% of all cargoes that passed through Imbituba Port from January to November 2019. In March, the public port achieved its highest monthly operating performance, with 592 thousand tons handled in the period. month. As the operation hit a record high, the number of ships at berth declined by 16% from January to November, compared to the previous year. The relationship is explained by the receipt of ships with greater cargo capacity, motivated by the ease of maritime access to the port. Besides being situated in an open cove, Imbituba Port has deep conditions that make it one of the best navigable conditions in the country. Cargo coke (19.4%), corn (17%), containers (14.7%) and soyabean (11.5%) cargoes were the products with the highest volume of handling at the port. The percentages refer to the representativeness of the loads in the total moved from January to November 2019.
Source: Portos e Navios