The Brazilian industry of specialty fertilizers is expected to grow by 21% this year compared to 2018. The expectation is the Brazilian Association of Plant Nutrition Technology (Abisolo), representative of the segment that brings together manufacturers of products such as organic and organomineral fertilizers, conditioners of soil, foliar fertilizers, substrates for plants. The entity gathers more than 100 of the 504 companies that operate in the special fertilizer sector. The members of Abisolo represent, in general, 40% of the national market. In the leaf segment, this representation reaches 70%. The main crops served by soybeans, hortifruti, corn and coffee. It is an industry that has already been growing for a year. In 2018, revenues totaled R $ 7.6 billion, 19.3% more than in 2017. Foliar fertilizers accounted for 71% of total revenue. However the biggest increase from year to year, of 23%, occurred in the organomineral segment, which ended up representing 12% of the total revenue. This type of technology combines mineral nutrients and organic compounds. The idea of using organic matter is to potentiate the efficiency of minerals, to improve the utilization of these nutrients by the soil and, consequently, the yield of the plant in the crop.

Source: Revista Globo Rural