After the 7th survey of the National Supply Company (Conab) show an increase in the production of second crop corn, also called “safrinha” (in portuguese), mainly due to the increase of the planted area, the harvest can be even higher than the projected if there is contribution of the in this month of April. “The evolution of the second crop is expected with great expectation because, in addition to the increase of the area, the crop was planted within the recommended climatic window.The expectation is that the production will be even higher than was estimated if the climatic conditions if they remain favorable to the development of crops in the next two months”, said Guilherme Bastos, executive director of Agricultural Policy and Information of the organ. “What will determine the size of the crop is the April climate”, said Conab’s Survey and Evaluation Manager, Cleverton Santana. The forecast, according to Santana, is good rainfall in producing regions this week and next. “In April, models show considerable rainfall this week in the large producing region, with lower volume in Paraná, which may facilitate the planting of winter crops.As evidence of rainfall need to have a real idea of the size of the crop, Santana showed that 65% of the area sown in the country of second crop corn is in emergence or vegetative development. For first-crop corn, there is no big news in relation to the previous survey, Santana said. The harvest has already exceeded 50% and is more advanced than last year.

Source: Revista Globo Rural