The Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics has revised its estimates and now forecasts a harvest of 32.5 million tons for the state, above what the National Supply Company (Conab) estimated (32.1 million tons) and that the 2017/2018 harvest of 32.6 million tons. In this survey, the area sown was estimated at 9.66 million hectares, an increase of 46,267 hectares, or 0.48% in relation to the last report. This adjustment is mainly due to the increase in the area of the 2017/18 harvest, which was consolidated through remote sensing. With these new figures, the area forecasted for the 2018/2019 harvest shows an increase of 1.68% or 159.23 K hectares when compared to the previous harvest. Already productivity increased by 1.26% in relation to the last survey, and was consolidated at 56.04 sc / ha for the State. With the result, the average state productivity in this harvest represents a reduction of 2.16% in relation to the 2017/18 harvest. This readjustment was based mainly on yields observed in medium and late-season soyabean varieties, which compensated for part of the losses that occurred in the earlier cycle varieties, impacted by the decrease in rainfall in December last year. “In a regional analysis, the highlights are for the north and northeast regions, which were the only ones that presented an income above that observed last year, with 58.44 sc / ha and 55.79 sc / ha, respectively. this registered the 3 year followed of growth in the yields of the crops “, says the Imea.

Source: Canal Rural