Fausto Pinato’s Bill 4439/19 (PP-SP) wants to exempt the fertilizer loads discharged in Brazilian ports from the Additional to Freight for the Renewal of the Merchant Navy (AFRMM), which focuses on the remuneration of waterway transportation. The measure amends Law 10,893 / 04, which deals with this tax. “Of the 35 million tons used annually in our crops, approximately 26 million tons (80%) come from abroad. It turns out that fertilizer one is a low value added product and involves the movement of large physical volumes. These characteristics make AFRMM significant in shaping the price paid by farmers, ”argues the MP. Pinato also mentions in the bill that the input is essential for agriculture. In the Brazilian case, it represents around 25% of the production cost. “Exempting him from the AFRMM payment is an old industry claim,” he says. The proposal is being finalized in the Chamber of Deputies and must be reviewed by the Agriculture, Livestock, Supply and Rural Development committees; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

Source: Canal Rural