The total number of ships waiting to ship sugar to Brazilian ports was 28 in the week ending September 18, compared to 26 the week before (September 11), according to a survey by Williams Brazil. According to the report, it was scheduled to load 946,639 tons of sugar, against 964,197 tons the previous week. By the Port of Santos (SP) should be carried most, 749,195 tons, or 79% of the total. Then come the port of Paranaguá (PR) with 164,412 tons (17%) and Maceió (AL) with 33,000 tons (4%). The sugar cargo to be exported consists of the VHP variety. The agency’s report takes into account vessels that are already moored, those that are offshore awaiting mooring, and those expected to arrive by October 2nd. Exports: Average daily revenue from Brazilian sugar exports was US $ 17.615 million in the second week of September, from 9 to 15. Compared to the August 2019 daily average of US $ 21.954 million, decrease of 12.3% in the value obtained daily by sugar exports in the accumulated average from September to the 15th, which is of $ 19.248 million. In comparison with September 2018, which had a daily average of US $ 37.334 million, there is a decrease of 48.4% in the average daily value of September exports this year. With ten business days in September until the 15th, 688.2K tons of sugar (raw + refined) were exported in the period, with total revenue of US $ 192.5 million and an average price of US $ 266.70 per ton for raw sugar and $ 378.40 per ton for refined sugar.
Source: Portos e Navios