The National Supply Company (Conab) released its fifth survey of the 2019/2019 grain harvest, which forecasts the harvest of 251.1 million tons. The estimate points to another record of production history. The volume is 3.8% higher than that harvested last season, with a gain of 9.1 million tons. The survey indicates an expansion of 2.5% in the cultivated area, to 64.8 million hectares, with an advance of 1.6 million hectares. In the February survey, Conab increased its grain harvest estimate by 1.3% (3.1 million tons) compared to data released in January. The main change was in corn production, which increased by 1.775 million tons, with a reduction of 555.9 in the summer harvest (sown in the second half of last year) and an increase of 2.334 million in the projection of the second crop planting. The projection for soybeans also increased by 1.024 million tons, to a total of 123.2 million tons. Conab analysts note that, in general, good climatic conditions are favoring the recovery of crops, which in the past harvest were punished by drought in the states of higher production. “First-crop crops account for 45,600 hectares, while second, third and winter crops account for 19,300 hectares.”

Source: Revista Globo Rural