The movement of grains, sugar and fertilizers at Tiplam, in the Port of Santos, in 2018, exceeded by 30% the movement of 2017. They were more than 9.6 million tons last year, compared to 7.3 million in the previous year. The expectation for further growth is the installation of a fifth warehouse in the unit. The works begin this semester. The increase in the movement has two explanations, according to Alessandro Gama, manager of VLI, the company that manages the terminal. One is the liberation of the facility for the complete loading of Panamax ships, which can carry from 60K to 70K tons – which was possible with the dredging of the Piaçaguera Canal, the waterway access to the Tiplam. Another is the completion of its four berth, responsible for the increase of fertilizer cargoes and the closing of more contracts. The company stresses that its integration with the rail modal makes 100% of the cargo exported carried by rails. By day, the average receipt is three compositions – each with 80 wagons. In order to increase capacity and take advantage of the increase, the company wants this semester to start work on a new warehouse, the fifth, with capacity to store 114K tons, and another at the company’s terminal in Guará, in the interior of São Paulo, to 80K tons.

Source: Portos e Navios