Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina announced last week that Brazil will export rice benefited to Mexico, and in return the country will import the Mexican beans. Tereza Cristina pointed out that all the phytosanitary requirements were fulfilled by the two countries. The sale of rice to Mexicans was an old demand from Brazilian producers, according to the minister. “I mean the happiness of our rice producers, especially from Rio Grande do Sul, who were waiting for this opportunity to export rice to Mexico. We received the Mexican beans to complete our main course, rice and beans, “said Tereza Cristina, next to the Mexican secretary. Mexicans import about 80% of the rice they consume. On Saturday, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a joint note on the opening of the market for the export of rice benefited to Mexico. Rice producer and senator, Luis Carlos Heinze (PP) was one of the parliamentarians who most celebrated the news given by the minister. “It’s another market that opens up to the appreciation of our rice, and it’s a permanent market. For us it is good news and I, who I have been in this activity for 45 years, being a restaurateur, I defend my sector”, he said.

Source: Canal Rural