Ethanol sales by production mills in Brazil’s Center-South region reached 1.29 billion liters in the first 15 days of February, an increase of 5.32% over 2020. According to the Union of the Sugarcane Industry (UNICA), almost the entire volume sold (98%) was destined to domestic supply, and the volume exported was 23.14 million liters. The volume of anhydrous ethanol purchased in the domestic market reached 425.13 million liters, an increase of 8.18% over the same half of 2020. Sales of hydrated ethanol moved in the same trend, increasing by 3.85% (839,72 million liters). In the accumulated amount since the beginning of the 2020/2021 cycle until February 16, the volume of ethanol purchased by companies from the Center-South region declined by 8.64% (27.21 billion liters). Of this total, exports increased by 43.05% (2.38 billion liters), while sales to the domestic market registered a reduction of around 11.71% (24.83 billion liters).

Source: Jornal Cana

*Translated by Ia Niani