Brazilian exports reached US$ 15 billion in January, an increase of 2.8% when compared to January 2020. This is the first comparison between growth since the beginning of the Pandemic last year. The data were released by the BC (Central Bank of Brazil) on Wednesday (24). Imports reached US$ 16.9 billion (down 1%) and fell much less than in the previous months. The outcome was a negative trade balance of US$ 1.9 billion in January, the second deficit registered in 11 months. December deficit hit US$ 881.6 million. The trade balance generally presents a surplus in times of low economic activity, as Brazil imports more in times of expansion. In practice, global merchandise trade decreased in 2020. Both exports and imports fell, but imports reduction were more prominent, having an impact on net positive results.

Source: Folha SP

*Translated by Ia Niani