Brazil’s volume of ethanol imports reached 82.45 million liters in October, up 74.8% from the 47.18 million liters purchased abroad in October 2018. Total imports last month were also 26.4 % higher than the 65.24 million liters of September 2019.
The increase comes even after the federal government restricts the volume of biofuel purchased abroad within the annual quota of 750 million liters free of a 20% tariff. Last month, the government defined what will be a time division in the quota period, between August 31 this year and August 30 next year. In the first six months, until February 29, 2020, the maximum imported and exempt volume will be 200 million liters. That is, only 52.31 million liters would be missing to enter Brazilian ports without taxation until the beginning of March. Between March 1 and May 31, 2010, the volume without tariff will be 275 million liters. In the remaining three months, from June 1 to August 30, another 275 million liters of ethanol could be purchased without the 20%. After the result of last month, the total imported biofuel reached 1.214 billion liters in the ten months of 2019, down 15.9% over the total of 1.444 billion liters accumulated between January and October 2018. The data are from Special Secretariat of Foreign Trade and International Affairs of the Ministry of Economy.
Source: Canal Rural