Brazilian corn production in 2018/2019 should be 99.994 million tons, according to a survey by the National Supply Company (Conab) released this week. This number represents growth of 23.9% over last season, when the country harvested 80.709 million tons. According to the entity, planted area and productivity also increased this season. The grain occupied 17.495 million hectares, an increase of 5.3%, with an average yield of 5,715 kg per hectare, 18% higher than 2017/2018. First crop production is estimated at 26.188 million tons, down 2.3% from the previous year, when 26.810 million tons were harvested in the summer harvest. The planted area was 4.39 million hectares, down 3.8% compared to last season, when 5.082 million hectares were sown. Average yield is expected to be 5,355 kilograms of corn per hectare, 1.5% higher than the 2017/2018 average of 5,275 kilograms per hectare. In relation to the second crop, Conab forecasts production of 73.795 million tons, a gain of 36.9% over the previous year, when the crop was 53.898 million tons. Planted area stood at 12.605 million hectares, up 9.3% compared to last season, when 11.534 million hectares were sown. The average yield should be 5,854 kilograms of corn per hectare, 25.3% higher than the 2017/18 average of 4,673 kilograms per hectare.

Source: Canal Rural