Figures from the Paranaguá Port Export Corridor show that the productivity of the complex is higher. From January to August this year, for the three exclusive berths, were 500 thousand tons more cargo compared to the same period last year, with practically the same number of ships. From January to August this year, 235 bulk carriers were loaded by the Export Corridor, with a difference of only one shipment compared to 2018. The shipped volume increased from 13.5 million to 14 million. On average, one Export Corridor ship receives 60,000 tons of cargo – soyabean (grain or bran) and corn. That gap of half a million tons that was loaded this year would be enough to fill the holds of more than eight vessels. The average time of berth in the Corridor is 65:55 hours, which is less than three days of operation. Of the 14 million tons of bulk exported by the Corridor this year 7.3 million are soyabeans; 3.8 million corn and 2.9 million sharps. The most productive cradle in the period was 213, where 88 ships docked and almost 5.4 million tons of products were handled.

Source: Portos e Navios