In June 2021, the country exported 10.129 million tons of soybeans. In June 2022, Brazil is expected to ship 1.793 million tons to the foreign market, more than the volume forecast last week and well above the 89.2 thousand tons exported in the same month last year. The entity also forecast upward soybean meal exports at 2.192 million tons. There is no forecast for wheat shipments. The projections are based on the schedule of ships in Brazilian ports. From January to May, Brazil exported 45.653 million tons of soybeans (compared to 50.375 million tons in the same period last year), 8.205 million tons of soy meal (6.424 million tons from January to May 2021), 4,886 million tons of corn (2.809 million tons a year ago) and 2.395 million tons of wheat (against 490.7 thousand in 2021).

Source: Globo Rural (*Translated by Ia Niani)