The participation of agribusiness products in Brazilian exports in March increased by 1.5%, reaching a 47.6% share. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the increase occurred despite a 5.3% drop in the external sales of agribusiness products. Agribusiness exports totaled US $ 8.64 billion, 5.3% lower than the US $ 9.12 billion exported in March 2018. The decrease is linked to the international prices of products exported by Brazil, which fell by 6 ,4%. The five main export segments of Brazilian agribusiness were: soya complex with US $ 3.98 billion; 46.0% of the value exported; meats with US $ 1.23 billion; 14.3% of the value exported; forest products, US $ 1.10 billion; 12.7% of the exported value; coffee with US $ 467.39 million; 5.4% of the value exported and sugar and alcohol complex with US $ 392.70 million; 4.5% of the value exported. The participation of these five main segments was 83% of the total value exported by the Brazilian agribusiness in March. In the same month of the previous year, exports from these sectors accounted for 84.2% of the total exported value in agribusiness products. The main exporting segment of agribusiness in March was the soya complex, which increased its share to 46% of the total value of exports, with foreign sales of US $ 3.98 billion. The export volume of soybeans was a record for the month of March, reaching 9.1 million tons (+ 3%). However, the fall in the international price of the commodity by 6.8% caused the exported value to fall by 3.9%, reaching US $ 3.30 billion.
Source: Canal Rural