The sowing of wheat is concluded in Rio Grande do Sul. The predominance of firm weather, high temperatures and excellent solar radiation during the period contributed to the good development of the crops. According to data from the Conjunctural Newsletter, a document prepared by Emater / RS-Ascar in partnership with the State Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development (Seapdr), released on Thursday 30, in most regions, producers took advantage of favorable conditions of the climate to carry out the cultural treatments of nitrogen fertilization in cover, control of pests and diseases, in addition to the control of invasive plants. In the administrative region of Emater/RS-Ascar de Santa Rosa, the first wheat crops sown have already started flowering. The initial expectation is that productivity will be 3,090 kilos per hectar, since the implanted crops have a good population of plants and a good general appearance. The frosts that occurred in the previous weeks, associated with the application of nitrogen fertilization, had a positive impact on the crop. The price of grain remains stable in the region, and the good price of wheat should guarantee profitability for producers.

Source: Universo Agro / DATAGRO