The 10 percent to 25 percent tariff increase on $ 200 billion in products imported from China began last week the 10th, as US President Donald Trump had announced on their social networks. “Ten months ago, China has paid tariffs to the United States of 25% on high-tech $ 50 billion, and 10% on $ 200 billion on other goods. These payments are partly responsible for our excellent economic performance. The 10% go up to 25% on Friday, “said Trump. In addition to this tariff hike, the president of the United States said on Friday that he has begun a process for a new taxation of 25% on $ 325 billion in products from China. Trump also said negotiations with the Chinese remain pleasant and that there is no need to hurry since the 25% tariffs on $ 250 billion have already begun to be paid. The United States has also announced that it will buy more agricultural products from local farmers to send for humanitarian aid. “With the $ 100 billion in tariffs we receive, we will buy agricultural produce from our large farmers in larger quantities than China and send them to poor, hungry countries in the form of humanitarian assistance. In the meantime, we will continue to negotiate with China in the hope that they will not try to redo the agreement again!” Trump announced on social networks.

Source: Canal Rural