The rice harvest in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is coming to an end. According to the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development of the State, 914.2 hectares of an estimated area of 984.8 hectares have been harvested so far. The production closed on Friday, 3, is 6,983 tons, with a general productivity of 7,638 kilos per hectare. So far, 25 cities have already completed 100% of the harvest. The most advanced region is the south of the state, with 99.5% of the entire crop. There was also the highest productivity so far, with 8,178 kilos per hectare. Close to completion are the Coastal External Plan, with 97.7% of the works closed and productivity of 7,133 kilos per hectare, and the Region of the Campaign, which reached 95.1% of the area harvested, with a productivity of 7,274 kilos per hectare. The Coastal Internal Plain is with 94.6% of harvested area and productivity of 7,490 kilos per hectare. The West Frontier region registers 91% of the area already harvested and 7,857 kilos per hectare of productivity. The least developed region is Central, with 81.5% of the area and 7,456 of kilos per hectare. The data are tabulated by the Sector Policy Section of the Rio Grande do Arroyo Institute (Irga), linked to the Department of Agriculture, with information provided by the Department of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (Dater) and the Technical Assistance and Extension Centers (Nates).

Source: Canal Rural