The Industrial Port Complex of Suape is implementing a new technology that will increase the safety of vessel mooring maneuvers and improve their efficiency when docked. The Platform for Supporting Safety and Management of Ship Maneuvers (SMA), monitors everything from the predictability of the vessel’s arrival at the port and then the dock, to navigation for mooring and approaching the Liquid Bulk Piers (PGLs) ), which is the most critical moment of the maneuver. The installation started two months ago and is in operation at PGL 3B. Laser sensors installed on the berths, specifically in PGLs 2A, 2B, 3A, and 3B, will be responsible for indicating the speed of approach to the pier accurately, informing pilots of the status in real-time of the vessel’s bow and stern speeds in a numeric and colored LED display. The platform – whose operation will be carried out by Transpetro Suape – also monitors the port’s meteorological conditions, through environmental instrumentation. Monitoring takes place in accordance with Petrobras’ safety, efficiency, and communication rules. The project was developed by startup NavalPort, a company owned by Porto Digital that specializes in generating knowledge and solving complex problems, especially in the areas of port operation. “The platform monitors the vessel globally, from the arrival planning to the mooring, by monitoring the stresses in the ship’s moorings. During the stay, there are estimated times for each stage (anchoring, maneuver, mooring) and the system monitors all phases, informs Petrobras about the efficiency and possible deviations of each vessel “, explains Marco Santiago, CEO and Founder of NavalPort. The startup has been incubating in Suape since 2017 when it started looking for solutions for the port area. Even in the face of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the Port of Suape showed an increase in its total cargo handled in May 2020, at 2 million tonnes – an increase of 11% when compared to the same period of 2019 when the port registered 1.8 million tonnes. The highlight for liquid bulk was an increase of 16.5% in May.

Source: Datamar News