Cotriguaçu, one of the eleven terminals that make up the Eastern Export Corridor at the Port of Paranaguá, has inaugurated a new railway diversion. The private investment of R$ 8 million for the remodeling is in line with the plans of the port to expand capacity and share the cargo transportation modal. With more modern tracks, the gains are, mainly, more security for operations and workers; increase in terminal productivity; and the reduction of interventions at the level crossing on Avenida José Lobo. According to Rodrigo Buffara Farah Coelho, general manager of Cotriguaçu, the company unloads 80 wagons of soy, corn and bran a day: “With the railway remodeling, this year the discharge should reach 150 wagons/day. Currently, the participation of the railway modal in our operations is 35%. Our goal is to equalize road and rail modes, thus ensuring more competitiveness for our customers” he said.

Source: Portos do Paraná

*Translated by Ia Niani