The Federal Government authorized the reopening of air borders for foreigners to enter Brazil. The ordinance published in the Federal Official Gazette opens the airspace, but maintains restrictions for land transit at the borders or in waterway transportation for another 30 days. Foreign passengers will be able to visit Brazil for up to 90 days provided they present proof of purchase of health insurance valid for the entire period of the trip. However, the ordinance maintains a ban on international flights to some airports: those in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraíba, Rondônia, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins. The entry of foreigners into Brazil was banned in late March due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Initially, the ban was for 30 days, but ended up being extended several times. However, the restriction of foreigners’ entry across land borders continues, with some exceptions: for cargo transportation; in case the visitor needs to enter Brazil to take a flight back to the country of origin; or if the foreigner is a resident of a border city, provided that he presents a document proving and there is reciprocity in the treatment of the Brazilian by the neighboring country, or even if the foreigner is in the condition of immigrant, that is, a first-degree relative of Brazilian. The ordinance, however, prohibits the entry of immigrants or relatives of Brazilians who come from Venezuela.

Source: Radioagencia Nacional