Experimental Draft Increase in Barra Norte of 11,90 meters

Comando de 4.Distrito Naval of Marinha do Brasil (Brazilian Navy) authorizes, on an experimental and precarious basis, the navigation tests of ships with a draft of 11.90 meters in the Grande do Curua channel, passing through Arco Lamoso, located in Barra Norte on the Amazon River, except for tankers and ships carrying dangerous cargo. The following precautionary measures should be adopted for ships with a draft between 11.70 and 11.90 meters. Ships with drafts above 11.50 meters must use the pilotage service. To carry out the passage at Arco Lamoso, the ships must be loaded with 11.70 meters of draft and another 0.20 cm of ballast. After ten navigational tests of ships with a draft of 11.90 meters in Arco Lamoso and analysis of the reports received by the Pilotage, this command will assess the feasibility of increasing draft in a definitive character in up to 30 days. The ports that will be impacted by this experimental draft change to 11.90 meters in Barra Norte are: Itacoatiara, Trombetas and Santarem.

Source: Comando de 4. Distrito Naval da Marinha do Brasil