A strong productive sector focused on the foreign market. This is one of Santa Catarina’s secrets. With only 1.12% of the Brazilian territory, the state is an international reference in health and agricultural quality – a status that brings the products of Santa Catarina to the most competitive markets in the world. From January to November 2018, agribusiness accounted for 66% of the total exports from Santa Catarina, with a turnover of US $ 5.4 billion. Agribusiness represents 29% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Santa Catarina and 60% of this value comes from the production of animal protein. In 2018, Santa Catarina not only maintained its agribusiness exports, but also increased the international presence of its products. The growth rate of international trade in the agricultural sector is higher than in other sectors of the economy. While the state’s exports increased 4.8% compared to the eleven months of 2017, agribusiness sales abroad increased by 6.6%. According to the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Fisheries, Airton Spies, the expectation is that the sector will continue to grow. “In October we had three international missions visiting Santa Catarina. Technicians from South Korea, Mexico and Canada came to the state with the possibility of qualifying new plants for export and opening new markets “. Source: Universo Agro