The 2020/2021 soybean harvest year gained pace with the increase of harvested areas and by steadier weather in Brazil’s South and Southeast regions, according to AgRural. Delayed planting caused by the lack of rain at the end of September last year has kept the harvest pace slow. The AgRural Survey shows that 25% of the area cultivated with oilseeds in Brazil was harvested until Thursday (2/25). The harvest advanced 10% las week. Last year, 40% of the soybean area was harvested in the same period. The analyst at AgRural says that, even with the recent advance, the 25% harvested still represents the lowest mark since the 2010/2011 harvest year. Were it not for the excess of rain in February, which increased the delay, the harvest could have reached at least 33% of the area.

Source: Revista Globo Rural

*Translated by Ia Niani