The United States is Brazil’s third-largest trading partner, behind China and the European Union. In the period between August 2019 and July 2020, Brazilian exports to the USA totaled US $ 24 billion, representing approximately 11% of the total exported by Brazil (US$ 216.7 billion). Of this amount, 28% came from agribusiness products (US$ 6.7 billion). However, there is still much to be done in terms of the American import agenda, a market of around US$ 275 billion that Brazil does not yet participate in. This is the result of a study carried out by the Markets panel of FIESP (the federation of industries of the state of São Paulo): The Insertion of Brazil in the World Trade of Agribusiness Products. It is an annual report that offers an exclusive compilation of data on imports and exports of products in the sector, coming from various sources, both national and international. In 2019, Brazil exported US$ 96.8 billion in agribusiness products to 198 markets. Of this amount, US$ 7.2 billion went to the United States, which represented 7.4% of total Brazilian exports in this sector. In 2009, the US participation in the agro-export basket was 7.0%, showing that the participation of the American country was relatively stable during these 10 years. The portfolio also remained stable and was concentrated in the same products, mainly forest-based (wood and cellulose) products. According to the study, the main Brazilian agribusiness products exported to the US in 2019 (which represented about 70% of the total) were forest products, coffee, ethanol, orange juice, leather, and beef. Of the total imports of agribusiness products to the United States in 2019, about 3% were acquired from Brazil. The items selected in the graph below represent about 70% of the list of agricultural products imported by the USA. Brazil is not a significant country in terms of American acquisitions of the main agribusiness products but is important in sectors such as coffee, sugar and ethanol, juices, and forest products (pulp and wood). We are 6th in the ranking of the main suppliers of agricultural products to the Americans, behind Canada (17%), EU-28 (16%), Mexico (13%), China (10%), Vietnam (5%), and India (4%).

Sources: FIESP / Datamar News