The good results observed by the technicians in the evaluation of early soybean crops, in the path taken by the first three teams of the 2020 Crop Rally, led Agroconsult, the expedition organizer, to revise its oilseed production estimate. The consultancy raised the volume to 126.3 million tons, compared to 124.3 million tons estimated by the beginning of the Rally, in an area estimated at 36.7 million hectares. The numbers are more optimistic than the projections of the National Supply Company (Conab), which forecasts the harvest of 123.3 million tons. Agroconsult revised the average productivity estimates in Mato Grosso, Goiás and Paraná, already visited by technicians, and also in other states where the Rally will still pass, based on reports from producers and technicians. In Mato Grosso, productivity increased from 58 to 59 bags per hectare and in Goiás from 56.5 to 59 bags per hectare. According to the consultancy, in Paraná a small portion of the crops sown in the west and in the north “in fact suffered from the dry period of the beginning of the harvest, but the areas planted a little later, which correspond to the vast majority, are in surprisingly good conditions. , which led the estimate of average productivity in the state to increase from 59.5 to 61 bags per hectare”.

Source: Revista Globo Rural