In the second half of January, sales of ethanol to the domestic and foreign markets in the Central-Southern region reached 1.36 billion liters. This is the first fortnight in the domestic market with an increase in the volume of ethanol – 1.25 billion liters this year over 1.23 billion liters in the same period last year (up 1.64%). Exports have reached 105.04 million liters. In the domestic market, the sale of hydrated ethanol reached 1.65 billion liters in January 2021, compared to 1.76 billion liters in the same month of 2020. In turns, the volume of anhydrous ethanol reached 810.05 million liters in January, an increase of 10.53% in sales when compared to the same period last year. “The increase in the sales of anhydrous ethanol indicates that we can meet the mandatory amount of ethanol mixed into gasoline, reducing the need to import biofuel” says Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, UNICA’s technical director.

Source: Jornal Cana

*Translated by Ia Niani