Brazil exported US $ 40.67 billion in agribusiness products to China, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam in 2018. This represents 40% of the total shipped by the segment in the period. But the country can increase its participation in these markets by US $ 58.5 billion, totaling US $ 99.17 billion (+ 144%), according to a study by the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA). Representatives of the entity are part of the delegation that accompanies the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, on a trip to the Asian continent. For 16 days she should attend meetings with officials and business people from all four countries to promote new business. With an eye on soyabeans, the Chinese were our largest trading partners last year, with a record turnover (US $ 35.59 billion). The Chinese market is the great promise and can generate $ 20 billion more in the future. According to the CNA, among the products with the greatest potential to boost exports, are the complex soya, cereals, beef and pork, dairy and fruit. In 2018, Japan bought $ 2.14 billion of Brazilian agribusiness, but has the potential to grow $ 19 billion. The study highlights that cereals, beef and pork, wood and soyabeans are among the items with the most opportunity to demand. Led by soya and sugar-alcohol complexes, the amount generated by the sale of agricultural products to Indonesia could increase by US $ 10.2 billion – last year we exported the equivalent of US $ 1.26 billion. Vietnam may surrender $ 9.3 billion beyond the current $ 1.68 billion. Complex soya, forest products, textiles and cereals account for about 70% of this growth potential.

Source: Canal Rural