The more favorable climate in this harvest will allow a 9% increase in the world production of oranges. The best performances will take place in Brazil and the United States, among the five largest producers in the world. The evaluation is from Usda (US Department of Agriculture), which predicts a 41% increase in American production and 13% in Brazil in the 2018/19 crop. Brazil is the world’s largest producer, followed by China, the European Union, the United States and Mexico.
The Mexicans, who had taken the position of the Americans in the last two seasons, return to fifth place this season, according to Usda. Total orange production rises to 51.8 million tons. Of this volume, 21.2 million will be destined to industrialization, led by Brazil and the United States. Brazilians maintain by far the lead in the world production of orange juice, but the highest in this harvest is with the Americans. After being affected by diseases such as greening, and because of climatic effects such as hurricanes, US orchards have improved and increased supply of orange.
With this, the American industries will produce 327K tons of juice, 75% more than in the previous harvest. Brazilian production, in Usda’s assessment, rises to 1.23 million tons, 19% more than in the previous one. The increase in the supply of juice occurs at a time of stability in world consumption

Source: Portos e Navios