VLI Logística reported that the fleet used on the north section of the North-South Railway between Porto Nacional (TO) and Açailândia (MA), will increase by 247 railway wagons to strengthen grain transport on the important agricultural frontier during the next harvest. In the last few weeks, the operation received 80 railway wagons, and another 167 will arrive in early 2021. All of them will be used to transport grain. “We are getting ready for the next harvest. This reinforcement in the fleet demonstrates our commitment to continue supporting the growth of grain handling in Arco Norte”, said Fabiano Rezende, General Manager of VLI Center-North Corridor. The region has one of the fastest-growing agricultural sectors. Last year, this railway network handled 7.9 million tons of corn, soy, and bran, representing an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. In addition, this stretch of VLI registered the transport of more than 11 million tons of other products last year, such as fuels, pulp, pig iron, and manganese. By 2021, production is expected to increase in the northern states, especially with soy. VLI also said that the new Greenbrier Maxion railway wagons offer the grain flow three differentials: reducing the railway wagon length without losing volume, reducing the tare weight, or increasing the service life. The new units have a high performance “motion control” system, which reduces the friction between the wheels and the track, generating less fuel consumption and less wear. “The investment is in line with the strategy of increasing the capacity and agility in the flow of grains that leave the interior of the country, pass through the terminals of Porto Nacional and Palmeirante, in Tocantins, and continue to Porto do Itaqui, in São Luís (MA)”, said VLI, without detailing values.

Sources: Reuters / Datamar News