Brazil’s ethanol exports fell again in May. The country shipped 73.82 million liters, compared to 116.14 million liters in April, down 36.4%. However, in the annual comparison, there was a growth of 14.7%. Even so, prices continue to rise. The biofuel was traded on average at US$ 802.20 per cubic meter in May, a monthly increase of 9.8%. In the annual comparison, the price is 37.7% higher. This is the highest price of biofuel in the decade. The last time the price was above US$ 800 per cubic meter was in March 2012. The main destinations for Brazilian ethanol in the month were the Netherlands (31.73 ML); United States (22.36 ML); United Kingdom (10.83 ML); South Korea (5.06 ML); and Cameroon (750.29 ML). Year to date, Brazil exported 539.23 million liters of ethanol, down 22.6% from the same period last year. So far, revenues amounted to $384.21 million (+14.4%), with an average price of $712.52 (+47.9%).

Source: Nova Cana (*Translated by Ia Niani)