A survey carried out by the Infrastructure Ministry based on statistical data from the National Waterway Transportation Agency (Antaq) pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic did not impact cabotage shipping, which registered an increase of 11.3% between January and April of 2020, compared to the same four-month period last year. In total, the sector transported 60.8 million tons during this period. According to the survey, the growth in cabotage handling was driven by transportation of liquid and gaseous bulk (10.1%) – with emphasis on the oil and oil products sector -, as well as a 58.1% increase in the transportation of solid bulk in the first four months of the year. Looking at general cargo movement, the port sector also registered a 3.7% increase during this period, with 65.2% of cargo operated by private ports and 34.8% by public ports. In tons, the total volume transported was 340.4 million. It is worth noting that the movement of liquid and gaseous bulk increased 15.1% in the period. In the broken down analysis of port authorities that manage public ports, data for January-May shows that Companhia Docas do Pará (CDP) had a 30% increase during this period compared to year-ago levels, the Port of Suape (PE) increased 21.1%; Portos do Paraná, which manages the ports of Paranaguá (PR) and Antonina (PR), rose 20.5%; in addition to the SPA, port authority of the Port of Santos (SP), which registered a 12% growth in the accumulated period. The ports managed by Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (CODESA), Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ) and Companhia Docas do Estado da Bahia (CODEBA) had a greater impact on movements, since they represented losses of 15.68% , 34.37% and 6.27% respectively.

Source: Datamar News