Shipments of soybeans from Brazil may reach 14.7 million tonnes this month, considering the figures released by the National Association of Cereal Exporters on Tuesday (19/5). According to Anec, between May 1st and 16th, 7.5 million tons of grain were shipped. And from the last 17th to the 31st, another 7.2 million tons are scheduled, according to the entity’s bulletin. “In the last week, from 05/10 to 05/16, 56 ships were loaded with soybean loads, totaling 3.4 million tons, in addition to eight ships with soybean loads totaling 425 thousand tons. An additional 3.4 million tons of soybeans are scheduled to be shipped this week (05/17 to 05/23), in addition to 428,000 tons of soy bran ”, says Anec, in the note, which updates the entity’s assessments to the effects of coronavirus on exports. The Association reinforces that, despite measures to restrict circulation and even lockdown in some regions due to the advance of the pandemic in Brazil, cargo handling was not affected, since it is considered an essential activity. And port operations continue normally, says the entity, with preventive measures adopted at all terminals in the country. The National Association of Cereal Exporters also assesses that the movement of goods should not be affected even by an eventual lockdowm in São Paulo. However, he warns, however, regarding the transit and negotiation of shipping documents, which necessarily pass through the capital of São Paulo.

Source: Revista Globo Rural