Brazilian corn exports reached 45.463 million tons in the accumulated 2019, 97.5% more than the 23.015 million tons shipped in 2018. The volume is the largest ever exported by the country and above the forecast by the National Association of Exporters of Cereals (Anec), which projected exports of 41 million tons, and private consultants, which estimated sales of 40 million to 41 million tons. In the same vein, revenue from corn sales was $ 7.776 billion, up 98 percent from $ 3.931 billion in 2018. The result was favored by problems in the US corn crop and by the sharp strengthening of the dollar against the real, which gave competitiveness to Brazilian commodities. August was the month with the highest export volume, at 7.644 million tons, reflecting, in part, the anticipated sale of the second crop of 2018/2019 – unlike the previous year, when November registered the largest volume traded abroad. In December, Brazil exported 4,369 million tons of corn, up 20.1% from the 3,637 million tons shipped abroad in December 2018. Compared to November 2019, when Brazil exported 4,288 million tons, the volume was 1.89% higher. Last month, cereal shipments generated revenues of $ 750.7 million, compared with $ 625.5 million in the same period last year (up 20%). Compared to November, when revenues reached $ 722.5 million, revenue increased 3.9%. The average price of cereal exported in December, considering 21 working days, was US $ 171.8 per ton, 0.12% lower than the US $ 172 / ton recorded in December 2018 and 1.96% higher than $ 168.5 in November 2019.
Source: Canal Rural