The commercialization of the 2018/19 soyabean crop reached 86% of the expected production until September 6th, 6% monthly advance, but still below the record 89% of the previous cycle for the same period, as well as slightly lower than 87% of the normal average of the last five years. “The expected positive price behavior has been confirmed, bringing sellers back to market. As the strong export movement also brought buyers to the market, we had another round of sales stimulus, ”explains França Júnior. With regard to sales of the 2019/20 oilseed crop, sales reached 24.5% of estimated production, against 18.5% in the same period of the previous season, as well as above 19.1% of last five years. Corn: In the case of the 2018/19 summer corn crop, sales reached 79% of the production obtained – monthly advance of 5% – but below the 83% registered in the same period last year, as well as the percentage of 86% of the average. normal of the last five years. “The slower pace of business is linked to the conservative stance of producers, following sharp sales in May and early June. With the price drops in July and August, the option was for retention ”, explains França Júnior. The commercialization of the 2018/19 winter corn crop advanced to 70% of the forecasted production, against 66% of the previous month. “The pace is well advanced compared to 64% at the same time last year and also slightly above the 67% of the normal average of the last five years,” points out France Junior.

Source: Universo Agro