Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest fertilizer producers in the world. Currently, Brazil imports fertilizers from Eastern Europe, however, these imports have been impacted by the Russian attacks in Ukraine. The Brazilian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sérgio Bath intends to hasten trade agreements between the countries to reduce losses. Sérgio Bath sees potential benefits in fostering business cooperation for both countries. “We have some foreign investors interested in the project. It is a very important project for Brazil and other nations that seek food security in the not-too-distant future”, He said. In order to make this commercial agreement viable, three steps should be taken; the first one aims at the acquisition of unused or idle plants in Brazil, with immediate production capacity; the second step has to do with under-construction plants or those in an advanced stage of the project; and the last one would focus on new projects. With this agreement, Brazil would also export agricultural products to Saudi Arabia. Sérgio Bath recalls there are four main items on the list of Brazilian exports to Saudi Arabia: chicken, sugar/syrup, beef, and soy.

Sources: Diplomacia Business/Global Fert (*Translated by Ia Niani)