The production of hydrated and anhydrous ethanol in the fortnight totaled 1.42 billion liters and 723.04 million liters, respectively. This volume is due to the greater milling in the fortnight and, mainly, the production mix plus alcohol. In the accumulated since the beginning of the harvest, 66.59% of the sugarcane was directed to the production of the renewable, confirming the expectation of greater attractiveness of the ethanol compared to the sugar. Of the total produced, ethanol made from corn accounted for 48.59 million liters in the fortnight. In the accumulated since the beginning of the harvest, 201.06 million liters of ethanol were manufactured, recording a growth of 71.95% in relation to the volume produced in the same period of last year. Sugar production, on the other hand, increased 38.51%, reaching 1.86 million tons in the second half of May compared to 1.34 million tons produced in the last year. In the accumulated since the beginning of the harvest, the production of sugar adds 4.84 million tons. Already the accumulated volume of ethanol reached 6.17 billion liters, being 1.68 billion liters of anhydrous and 4.49 billion liters of hydrate. “The market conditions observed so far do not generate incentives for an intensification of sugar production, which reached only 37.73 kg of sugar per ton of sugarcane in this harvest against an index of 40.59 kg in the same period of the last harvest” , recalled the UNICA executive.

Source: Unica