With an early soybean harvest, Brazil will be able to sow its second corn crop – the largest in the country – in a period of positive climate, which may possibly increase yields. Agroconsult estimated total corn production in Brazil in 2021/22 at 124 million tons, with 28.7 million tons in the first harvest and 95.3 million tons in the second harvest. The total production is likely to grow 44.5% when compared to the last season, which was hit by drought and frost. The harvest should also be boosted by an increase in the planted area. With favorable prices, farmers will be encouraged to expand corn planting by 5.6%, to a historic 20.8 million hectares. If the crop numbers are confirmed, Brazil’s corn exports could reach a record 45.2 million tons in the 2021/22 season, compared to the 18.6 million produced in the 2020/21 season, when supply was hampered by climate changes. Pessôa highlighted that Brazil should once again become the second corn exporter, only behind the United States.

Sources: Reuters/Nova Cana (*Translated by Ia Niani)