Soja maintains the valuation trajectory in the Brazilian market, according to the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea). Despite the adjustment in the benchmark based on Paranaguá last week, the September partial points high, with the bag of 60 kilos quoted above R$ 90. Last week the indicator based on the export corridor of Paraná had a fall of 0.47%, to R $ 95.72 the bag of 60 kilos. Even so, in the accumulated 21 days of the month, there is a valuation of 3.35%. On September 3rd, the reference was at $ 91.52 a bag. “Many producers no longer have soya to market, while others say that the surplus is only 5% in the country. So the few producers that have soya available for sale are capitalized and have no interest in negotiating,” says Cepea. a note released this week. Still according to the institution, this stance of the producers is also influenced by the beginning of the planting of the new crop in Brazil. In this period, speculation about the effects of climate on crops has an effect on prices and may favor business. In Mato Grosso, the main national producer of grain, planting is already underway. According to the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural and Livestock Economics (Imea), until last Friday, the machines had passed 0.83% of the estimated area for the 2018/2019 harvest in the state, which is 9.57 million of hectares. At the same time last year, the proportion sown was 0.14%. In Paraná, fieldwork is accelerating. The Department of Rural Economy (Deral) estimates that 9% of the area has already been sown and are in good condition. Of the total, 94% are already in the germination phase and the remaining 6% in vegetative development, according to the most recent data of the institution, referring to the last 17th day.

Src.: Revista Globo Rural