According to the consultancy Safras, the dollar was breaking records and the Chicago Stock Exchange was up for much of the day, sustaining domestic prices. The price of soybeans at the port of Rio Grande (RS) rose R $ 1 this Thursday, 23, and reached R $ 105, according to a survey by consultancy Safras. The company states that, in general, the Brazilian market registered strong movement, with firm prices. In addition to the commercial dollar breaking a new record, exceeding R $ 5.52, during part of the day, the movement was also supported by the Chicago Stock Exchange, which came to operate with a 1% increase, yielding at the end of the day. Consultations made by Safras in the main commercial markets in the country indicate that at least 500 thousand tons have changed hands. “The highlights were: Paraná, with 200 thousand tons, Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul, with 100 thousand tons each”, he informs. In Passo Fundo (RS), the 60-kg bag rose from R $ 98.50 to R $ 100. In the Missões region, the price increased from R $ 98 to R $ 99.50. At the port of Rio Grande, the price jumped from R $ 104 to R $ 105. In Cascavel (PR), the price went from R $ 95 to R $ 97 per bag. In the port of Paranaguá (PR), the bag increased from R $ 103 to R $ 104.50. In Rondonópolis (MT), the bag increased from R $ 92 to R $ 94. In Dourados (MS), the price increased from R $ 85 to R $ 87. In Rio Verde (GO), the bag went from R $ 90 to R $ 90.50. Soybeans closed on Thursday with mixed prices on the Chicago Stock Exchange. According to the consultancy firm, in a day of high volatility, the top positions were sustained by Chinese demand, but closed well below the day’s highs. “The most distant felt the impact of the weak result of American weekly exports and fears about the impact of coronavirus on the economy,” he adds. In the last two days, China bought 470 thousand tons of soy in the USA: 198 thousand on Wednesday and another 272 thousand on Thursday, according to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Contracts for soybeans delivered in May closed with an increase of 4.50 cents or 0.53% compared to the previous closing, at US $ 8.39 per bushel. The July position was quoted at $ 8.46 per bushel, with a gain of 4.25 cents or 0.5%.

Source: Canal Rural