Brazil and Kenya have concluded the negotiations that culminated in the Kenyan market being opened for rice produced in Brazil. This agreement follows the phytosanitary certification submitted on November 30 to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) by the Kenyan Plant Health Inspection Service (KEPHIS). According to the Secretariat of Trade and International Relations (SCRI/Mapa), Brazilian rice and its varieties reached $657 million in exports in 2022, accounting for 2% of the global trade in the product. The main importing markets for Brazilian rice are Mexico, Senegal, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Gambia. In 2022, Kenya imported $290 million worth of rice. The opening of the Kenyan market to Brazilian rice is expected to result in a $2.15 million increase in Brazilian exports, considering Kenya’s economic potential.

Sources: Portal IN/Datamar News