EuroChem, a global fertilizer producer, announced the agreement to purchase a controlling 51.48% share of the Brazilian fertilizer distributor Fertilizantes Heringer, which will expand opportunities in one of the most important markets. With a total of 14 storages, blending and distribution units in the southeast, center-west, south and northeast regions, Fertilizantes Heringer is considered a significant contributor to Brazilian agriculture, as the country’s fourth largest distributor in terms of installed capacity at more than 4 million tons per year. “This deal, once approved by the antimonopoly authorities, will allow EuroChem to better serve the total market of Brazil, from north to south, while providing more outlets for its full product line of standard and premium fertilizers,” said Charles Bendaña, head of sales and distribution at EuroChem. “This will also help us achieve higher efficiency in our shipping and logistics programs to provide reduced costs to our customers in Brazil, as well as increased netbacks to our global production facilities” he said.

Sources: Global Fert/Fertilizerdaily (*Translated by Ia Niani)