Brazil should record a record ethanol production of 32.3 billion liters in the 2018/2019 harvest, an increase of 18.6%
over the previous harvest. The last largest number had occurred in the 2015/2016 harvest, with 30.5 billion. The record also holds for the amount of hydrated ethanol produced, about 21.6 billion. The data were published by the National Supply Company (Conab). According to the survey, the production of sugarcane is estimated at 615.84 million tons. The number represents a reduction of 2.8% compared to the previous harvest, which closed at 633.26 million tons. Sugar, with production expected to reach 31.7 million tons, also declined 16.2% compared to the 2017/2018 crop. For anhydrous ethanol, used in the mixture with gasoline, there will be a reduction of 2.3%, reaching 10.7 billion liters. The area harvested in the country is estimated at 8.6 million hectares, down 1.1%. In the Southeast region, specifically, the decrease occurred as a reflection of the climatic problems and due to the return of leased land. The Center-West practically maintained the harvested area of the last harvest, presenting a slight increase in productivity levels. The good distribution of rainfall in the Northeast, during important phases of the crop, brought a strong increase in productivity levels, 12.8% more than in the previous crop. The South region had a 2.6% drop in the harvested area, while the North, responsible for less than 1% of the national production, is expected to have a 3.2% lower production than in the last harvest. Source: Canal Rural