On March 25, the Porto of Pecém resumed the transshipments of fuels, an operation called ship-to-ship. In the morning, the STI Osceola tanker docked at Berth 8 of the Multiple Use Terminal (TMUT) at the Port of Pecém. This is the first time that the vessel that flies under the Marshall Island flag has docked at the Ceará terminal. Transhipment occurs when a ship receives fuel from one or more ships, or when the ship arrives loaded and unloads onto two or more ships to transport the liquid bulk via cabotage (to Brazilian ports) or long haul (to other countries). Lates fuel transhipment movements at the Port of Pecém had taken place in 2014, handling about 707,612 tons. A few hours after docking, the tanker STI Osceola received 38,879 m³ of fuel from the tanker Sérgio Buarque de Holanda. The destination of the fuel will be the Port of New York, in the United States, where the ship should arrive in approximately 10 days. The transshipment of fuels in Porto do Pecém is becoming steady and constant, with another operation scheduled to be carried out.

Source: Diário do Nordeste (*Translated by Ia Niani)