On March 24, the Ministry of Infrastructure published an ordinance in the Official Federal Gazette which should attract more investment from the private sector and reduce bureaucracy in the port sector. According to Ordinance 51 of March 23, 2021, the authorization for commercial use of areas that are not affected by port operations may be granted directly by the sector authorities. The areas not linked to the port operation are the empty areas located inside the ports that are not related to the movement of passengers or cargo. With this new ordinance, port authorities will have more freedom to free up these areas for various services in order to raise their income, through companies that want to set up commercial activities. “The measure even meets the observations of the Federal Accounting Court which recommends that ports have more autonomy in generating new revenues, reducing idle areas, contributing to their sustainable growth, reducing bureaucracy, and consolidating ordinances”, evaluates MINFRA’s National Secretary of Ports and Water Transport, Diogo Piloni. The new ordinance consolidates Ordinance No. 409 of November 27, 2014, and Ordinance No. 114 of March 23, 2016, both from the extinct Secretariat of Ports of the Presidency of the Republic.

Source: Datamar News