Despite the impact caused by climatic problems in the South Region on soybean and corn productivity, the volume of grain production in the country is estimated at 250.9 million tons, 3.6% or 8.8 million tons higher than harvested in 2018/19. In relation to the previous survey (April/2020), there was a decrease of 0.4%, but the record harvest estimate for these two crops remains. This is what the 8th Crop Survey 2019/2020 points out, released on Tuesday 12, by the National Supply Company (Conab). The first harvest crops are practically finished and the completion of production still depends on the climatic behavior of the second harvest crops, which are in an advanced stage of development. In relation to third crop and winter crops, planting is still in progress. It is worth remembering that farmers continue their activities, taking the necessary care to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding the planted area, the estimate is for a growth of 3.5%, or 2.2 million hectares in relation to the past harvest, which means a total of 65.5 million ha. Soy production is estimated at 120.3 million t, a 4.6% gain over the 2018/19 harvest. With the advance of the harvest in Rio Grande do Sul, the lower yield caused by the unfavorable climatic conditions was confirmed.

Source: Universo Agro / DATAGRO